Jacob's Story

 A young boy Jacob Ryan was born profoundly deaf in his right ear and severely deaf in his left ear. He has spent his life going through tests in order to apply for funding support for a cochlear implant to provide Jacob with hearing in his right ear. Even after a thorough fight by specialists on the cochlear implant team at St Thomas' hospital we have unfortunately been denied financial aid. Therefore we now need to go privately which comes at a cost of approximately £40,000. Without this much needed treatment Jacob will not have access to many sounds and his listening and speaking skills will continue to be at a low level; which will be detrimental to his learning and ability to communicate with the hearing world.  Jacob is currently 4 years old and is at a critical stage in his development, the sooner we can raise the funds the sooner he can enhance his skills. Jacob loves to learn and we believe that his response and the effects of the Cochlear implant will be remarkable. Sadly, on a daily basis we see Jacob be dismissed due to that fact that his speech is not being understood and the recipient not knowing sign language. We want him to have the best chance to integrate into a hearing society and to interact with hearing children without issue.  Therefore, I am asking for your support and help in order to raise the funds needed to provide Jacob with the chance for a new lease of life. If you would like to help Jacob in his journey then you can visit the following site to donate.

With the amazing success of this campaign Jacob will be going into surgery on the 10th February! Thank you to everyone that made this possible!!